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Level 3, 69 Reservoir St
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Level 3, 69 Reservoir St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010


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Team members

Oliver Nunn


Oliver is the director of Endgame Economics. He is an expert in the design, development and application of mathematical models. He has spent the vast majority of his career applying this expertise in the context of the energy industry.

Oliver is an expert in wholesale energy markets, and his advice is regularly sought on the implications of changes to policy and macroeconomic factors for the wholesale sector. He has worked with generators, renewable energy developers, and private equity firms, to provide expert quantitative analysis to inform bids for major gas transmission and electricity generation assets.

Prior to founding Endgame, Oliver worked for Intelligent Energy Systems, NERA Economic Consulting, and HoustonKemp Economists. He holds a first class honours in pure mathematics, as well as commerce degree with majors in economics and finance.

Dr Tom Watson

Senior Mathematician

Tom is a senior mathematician at Endgame Economics. He has a particular interest in the theory of complex systems, and its practical applications to sustainability. Tom holds a PhD in applied mathematics from the University of New South Wales. His thesis focussed on ergodic theory, which is  a branch of mathematics that studies the way systems change over time.

Tom is highly familiar with Linux-based environments, and has experience developing in Python and MATLAB, both for industry and academic research. These technical skills allow him to apply his knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Prior to joining Endgame, Tom worked for Kinesis — a firm which focusses on the sustainable development of cities, providing advice on matters such as energy efficiency, distributed generation, water usage, and urban planning.

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