Oliver Nunn



Oliver is the director of Endgame Economics. He is an expert in the design, development and application of mathematical models. He has spent the vast majority of his career applying this expertise in the context of the energy industry.

Oliver is an expert in wholesale energy markets, and his advice is regularly sought on the implications of changes to policy and macroeconomic factors for the wholesale sector. He has worked with generators, renewable energy developers, and private equity firms, to provide expert quantitative analysis to inform bids for major gas transmission and electricity generation assets.

Some notable projects that Oliver has completed include the following:

  • the interventions review for the Australian Energy Market Operator in 2017 ;
  • the ahead-market workstream for the Energy Security Board in 2020;
  • acting for the New South Wales Government during the sale of Transgrid, Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy in 2015;
  • the Australian Energy Market Commission’s assessment of the five-minute settlement rule change in 2016; and
  • the Distribution Network Pricing rule change in 2014.

Prior to founding Endgame, Oliver led the quantitative team at the Australian Energy Market Commission, and worked at a number of economic and energy market consultancies. He holds a first class honours in pure mathematics, as well as commerce degree with majors in economics and finance