Oliver Nunn



Oliver is the director of Endgame Economics. He is an expert in the design, development and application of mathematical models. He has spent the vast majority of his career applying this expertise in the context of the energy industry.

Oliver is an expert in wholesale energy markets, and his advice is regularly sought on the implications of changes to policy and macroeconomic factors for the wholesale sector. He has worked with generators, renewable energy developers, and private equity firms, to provide expert quantitative analysis to inform bids for major gas transmission and electricity generation assets.

Some notable projects that Oliver has completed include the following:

  • the interventions review for the Australian Energy Market Operator in 2017 ;
  • the ahead-market workstream for the Energy Security Board in 2020;
  • acting for the New South Wales Government during the sale of Transgrid, Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy in 2015;
  • the Australian Energy Market Commission’s assessment of the five-minute settlement rule change in 2016; and
  • the Distribution Network Pricing rule change in 2014.

Prior to founding Endgame, Oliver led the quantitative team at the Australian Energy Market Commission, and worked at a number of economic and energy market consultancies. He holds a first class honours in pure mathematics, as well as commerce degree with majors in economics and finance

Joseph Nunez


Joseph Nunez is a director of Endgame Economics. Joseph has recently joined Endgame, having worked at the Australian Energy Market Commission as a senior quantitative analyst for five years. Prior to that Joseph worked as a consultant at UMS group. 

As a senior quantitative analyst at the AEMC, Joseph led the development of the Commission’s market modelling capability. This allowed the Commission to improve significantly their capacity to provide advice and undertake analysis. Joseph also established the Commission’s capabilities in running machine learning algorithms and dealing with big data. 

As a consultant, Joseph has worked across the length and breadth of the electricity sector, providing advice on asset management, and the development of data science teams. He has developed numerous internal modelling tools for utility businesses across Australia and Asia.

Joseph is an exceptional programmer, with extensive experience working with Python, R, Julia and a raft of other programming languages. He is also an expert user of PLEXOS, and has a close working relationship with the Energy Exemplar development team, who regularly seek his advice on how they can improve their software. 

Joseph holds a Bachelor of Information systems and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne.

Franklin Liu


Franklin Liu is a director of Endgame Economics. He has worked in the Australian energy sector for over ten years. His main areas of expertise are regulatory and market design. He specialises in theoretical and quantitative assessments required to support decisions.
Prior to joining Endgame Economics, Franklin was a Senior Policy and Regulatory Consultant at Cornwall Insight Australia. There, he managed the regulatory and market insight team and completed several major, high-stake projects, such as the the Essential System Service modelling for the Energy Security Board’s post 2025 Electricity Market Design Project.
Before this, Franklin was a Principal of Market Design at the Australian Energy Market Operator. In this role, he provided internal thought leadership advice and directed teams that engaged in external regulatory and market design processes that govern the operation of the National Electricity Market. Franklin was integral to the projects related to establishing an operating reserve market, the review of the reliability standards and settings, and the introduction of a unit commitment mechanism and system strength.
From 2012-2018, Franklin worked as an economic consultant and lead modeller for Frontier Economics. In that role he completed bespoke pieces of analysis for a wide range of clients. For example, he built the entire suite of Ergon Energy’s network tariff models. For four consecutive years, Franklin also led the modelling for the Australian Energy Market Commission’s Price Trends review.
Franklin holds a Doctor of Philosophy in economics specialising in applied game theory. Part of his thesis was published in the Journal of Economic Behaviour & Organisation.

Milad Resketi

Data Scientist

Milad is a Data Scientist who joined Endgame Economics in March 2021. Since joining Endgame, Milad has applied his extensive data science and statistical skills to a range of projects. Milad’s previous experience mainly focusses on time series analysis in financial markets, but he is now turning his skills to the energy and utilities sectors. Milad holds a Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters in Propulsion Engineering.

Charlie Goodlad


Charlie is an Analyst who joined Endgame in February 2021. Since that time, Charlie has supported the rest of the team as an analyst on several projects. While working at Endgame, Charlie is completing his final year of a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Advanced Studies at Sydney University, majoring in Economics and Finance. In 2019, Charlie completed an internship at the Australian Energy Market Commission.