Importance of critical thinking in the current environment

Power system planners and market participants are constantly asked to provide advice on matters that demand a deep knowledge of the energy sector. For example, the creation of new mechanisms requires familiarity with highly technical aspects of power system operation (eg, system strength, frequency control, procedures for invoking constraints). It follows that businesses requires advisors who are highly familiar with both:

  • the physical power and gas supply system, ie, the electricity generators, upstream gas facilities, electricity and gas network assets; and
  • the attendant procedures and processes for determining investment in and operation of these physical assets.

But in addition to this knowledge there is also a need for critical thinking skills. The ability to define, to describe, and, ultimately, to solve problems that have not been seen before is essential in the current environment of a changing grid. In many cases, we face open problems that have no known solution. Technical knowledge is therefore not enough – we need to be able to reason and develop systems of thinking that can help a problem yield to our efforts.

The other key skill is the ability to work collaboratively within a larger team. The challenges that we face are so large that no one person can answer them, nor indeed can any one discipline. These problems require the expertise of many people from different disciplines, who can work together collaboratively over time.

Demonstrated ability to think critically and to work in teams

Endgame’s team members have a track record of being able to grapple with very complex technical issues, and to reframe them in ways that make them tractable. Our project experience speaks to this ability – those who have worked with us will attest to our persistence in the face of adversity and our ability to look at problems from a range of different perspectives.

We are also very experienced at working collaboratively. We are regularly called into other organisations to work with their in-house teams on large projects. We can also help to build teams and capabilities in our clients’ organisations.