Give me 5 minutes

The second quarter of this year has witnessed a series of high price events in Queensland. These price spikes have been profoundly influenced by the dynamics associated with 5-minute dispatch, 30-minute settlement (hereafter ‘5/30’). By way of background, in the NEM dispatch occurs every 5-minutes yielding a dispatch price. However, settlement is based on half-hourly […]

Talkin’ bout our generation

Since the release of Dr Finkel’s review, the term ‘dispatchable generation’ has been appearing more and more across the NEM. The term does not yet have a clear definition, but seems to be used to refer to generating units whose short-term availability is largely determined by the operator (as opposed to the weather). Dispatchable generation […]

Small potatoes?

Following the announcement of the National Energy Guarantee, the sector has been awash with speculation about the specifics of this major new policy. Doubtless the NEG will continue to be the centre of much focus for weeks and months to come, and so we shall turn to this in future issues. Instead, this week we […]

The older they get …

After looking at South Australia for the last few issues, this week we turn our attention to our home state of New South Wales. The generation mix in New South Wales is dominated by five coal-fired power stations: Eraring Bayswater Liddell Mount Piper Vales Point. With tightening supply and demand, each of these power stations […]

Reaching new lows

For the last couple of weeks, the energy industry has been dominated by discussions about the long foreshadowed closure of Liddell. There has been a great deal of focus on the consequences of the closure during times of high demand. Amidst all the focus on highdemand, South Australia has been experiencing amazingly low levels of […]

Love Hertz

The last few weeks has seen a flurry of activity in the policy reform space with the release of Dr Finkel’s Review into the Future Security of the NEM, as well as the final report for the AEMC’s System Security Frameworks Review. Both reviews have emphasised the importance of system security and the management of […]

Since you’ve been gone

Wednesday marks 8 weeks since the closure of Hazelwood power station. Following the announcement of its closure in November last year, there was much speculation about what the consequences might be: for prices, for reliability, and for market outcomes. With almost two months having passed since Hazelwood breathed its last, this week we examine what […]

Mercury Rising

Two weeks into March and perhaps we have finally seen the back of the scorching temperatures and that have led to unprecedented electricity market outcomes in Queensland, and a long-awaited (at least by generators) high price event in New South Wales. Against this backdrop, this week our charts examine just how high the mercury rose […]